Labour Unlimited specifically states that it is a sub-contractor and an employment unit subject as an employer to all applicable federal and provincial statutes so as to relieve its customers of any responsibility for treating Labour Unlimited's employees as employees. Neither Labour Unlimited nor its employees are agents, servants, or employees of your company. Labour Unlimited can serve an area within approximately 30 miles of a branch. But they do have the ability to travel farther.
  For further information on that please contact your local Labour Unlimited branch office.

What does Labour Unlimited do for me?

Labour Unlimited pays all taxes and insurance:
  • Workers' Compensation

  • CPP & EI

  • Provincial and Federal Withholding Taxes

  • Vacation Pay

  • Statuatory Holiday Pay
You are no longer obligated for:
  • Health Care Premiums

  • Life Insurance Payments

  • Pension Plan Deposits

  • Paid Time Off

  • Help Wanted Ads
  • T-4's
  • Auditing Headaches
Labour Unlimited files all government forms and reports

How does Labour Unlimited work?

You call the branch located nearest to your jobsite and the worker(s) will be dispatched to your location ready and able to perform the task required.

Can I hire one of the workers that Labour Unlimited sends me?

If at any time you would like to hire any Labour Unlimited workers on a permanent basis with your company, you are encouraged to contact the Labour Unlimited manager.