Corporate Information:

Labour Unlimited Temporary Services is a Canadian owned and operated company in the business of providing temporary labour solutions to the light industrial, special event and construction industries. Our offices are located in British Columbia's Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, the Victoria Capital Region, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Kelowna, Calgary Alberta and in Ontario we provide services to the Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas.

At Labour Unlimited, we understand that not all tasks are the same and that business' have different needs, job classifications, pay rates, as well as seasonal volumes. We can accommodate all your specific requirements. We operate 24 hours a day, & 7 days a week.

Labour Unlimited reduces or eliminates the costs associated with recruiting and administration of your payroll. We save you the costs of advertising, costs associated with the hiring process, costs of payroll taxes and benefits and the costs of administration.

Labour Unlimited attracts quality workers by providing workers with the option to be paid daily and our exciting new cash card program!


Here is what some of our customers are saying:

" In my business I often require qualified labourers for short periods of time…..Labour Unlimited saves me the hassles of costly advertising and payroll burdens"

"Being a seasonal operation our demand for labour is sporadic, that makes it difficult to maintain a permanent staff. Labour Unlimited's services allow me access to a large pool of labour at the times I need them."

" Labour Unlimited's services have allowed our business to build up an excellent permanent staff. Their services allow us to monitor the performance of potential full-time employees. Once we are comfortable with our decision, we are free to hire these individuals with no placement fee."